Why Trelp

Trucking is the pillar of the United States economy and Trelp is here to make that pillar stronger

We experience

Our co-founders are truckers themselves and they definitely know the problems and have a vision how to fix them

We know

Trelp is a combination of professional drivers and the sharpest software developers that know how to make it right

We care

Trucking Industry is one of the most dangerous professions. We want every driver to be safe and healthy

We want

By helping truck drivers be efficient, we will reduce wasteful driving which will lead to a big decrease in CO2 emissions

How it works

Trelp is a crowd-sourcing platform for truck drivers that creates a better work experience, saves tons of time and thousands of dollars. Trelp allows truck drivers to share the experience they had and knowledge they gained at a particular drop off or pick up location.


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Every driver contributes with new parking spots, law enforcement sightings, arrival directions and weigh station statuses.


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Take advantage of existing data and optimize your arrival experience.

Exclusive Features

Trelp fills in the gaps that were missing up until now.

Last Mile Directions to Shippers / Receivers

Drivers must go to the loading/unloading area, which can be difficult to find. Trelp provides the platform to share last mile directions. Truck drivers as well as shipper and receiver staff is able to share precise last mile directions to reduce wasteful driving.

Untraditional Parking Spots

Trelp allows users to drop pins where there is possible truck parking ANYWHERE on the map. Be it Walmart or any other shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, plaza accessible by a truck OR simply just on the side of the road.

Smart Weigh Station Notification

By using Trelp, truckers get alerted if there is an upcoming weigh station that has been reported “OPEN” by a fellow truck driver. Truckers are also able to update the status of the weigh stations and share whether the weigh station is “OPEN”, “CLOSED”, or “BYPASS”. Trelp also allows you to see the weigh station status history to have a better idea of what to expect!

Law Enforcement - Simply Drop A Pin

Traffic violations are expensive. Any Trelp user can alert other users of law enforcement sightings. Simply by dropping a pin where law enforcement was sighted, all other truckers within the range of 5 miles, will be alerted of the sighting!

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Directions. Reviews. Parking Spots. Weigh Stations Notifications. Police Reports

Our Testimonials

Safe and professional truck driving is not just a skill. It's an attitude.


I was one of the very first users of Trelp. Even though their database did not have a lot of untraditional parking locations at that time, I saw the long term benefit and started sharing as much as I could. I can now see that the parking spots are appearing all over the map and I can now benefit from other drivers sharing.

Adrian C.

Trelp has already saved me from a speeding violation! Someone dropped a pin that there was police head of me and I slowed down. About 2 miles away there was a trooper checking everyone's speed. Definitely saved by butt

Roger B.

I've been very concerned about where everything is going to go after the electronic logging device is implemented. I think that this app will help a lot of folks. Just the other night, I was nearing my driving limit. The next parking facility was about 180 miles away. If I were on the electronic logging device, I would have received a violation. I was able to find a parking spot for one truck on this app. I wouldn't have been able to find this spot in the dark. I find Trelp very useful. Keep up the good work!

Lou H from Oklahoma

Our Team

We are a team of experienced truck drivers, entrepreneurs and software developers who collaborated to solve an ongoing issue in the industry that is the pillar of United States economy! What we have done is not recreating other, existing solutions but creating a new, unique solution that was tested with hundreds of truck drivers and shippers and receivers already!

Andrey Chabanov
Co-Founder | CEO | CDL

Alex Chabanov
General Manager

Аnton Kozyriatskyi
Android Developer

Slava Chabanov
Co-Founder | CTO

Taylor Yeerong
UX/UI Design Intern

Joel Salzman
Content Writing Intern

Brandon Brotsky
Business Consultant

Floyd Bradley

Frequently asked questions

Please email us your questions if we haven't answered them here. We will be more than happy provide you with the best answer.

No. Not yet! But we are working on it very hard. Right now Trelp is a unique tool for truck drivers.

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