10 Best Apps For Truck Drivers in 2017

August 22, 2017
There are so many things that smartphones can do. Most people use theirs every day, for ordering food or discovering music, from playing games to reading the news. With the right app, your phone can do almost anything. Many truckers may not know how much their smartphones can help them. There are apps available that can improve nearly every aspect of the job. We looked up some of the most effective and creative trucking apps on the market.


Forget about stopping at every weigh station on your route. With Drivewyze, you can find out where they are (Drivewyze boasts almost 700 sites) and skip them with ease. This app can replace your transponder and won’t cost you a cent.


Need a place to stay? Allstays has you covered. This app connects you directly with hotels, campsites, RV parks, and other places you can spend the night. It also can help you find restaurants, rest stops, Walmarts, and a plethora of other types of stores. Allstays is especially useful for truckers because it includes truck stops, fuel lanes, dump stations, and other driver-specific amenities. All of these features and more are available for free.


Waiting in lines can steal valuable time from your day. TruckSmart aims to reduce your wait times by letting you reserve spots for parking, automotive service, showers, and other things in advance. That way, you can roll up and immediately be served. Overall this makes TruckSmart a powerful free tool for increasing efficiency.


Gone are the days of scrawling log books in a notebook. Electronic Logging Devices are now mandatory for truckers everywhere, so it’s really important that you have a good logging program. BigRoad is a top tier electronic log bookkeeper that is easy, presentable, and interactive. It is one of the most popular ELD Mandate Compliance applications for a reason.


There’s nothing worse than filling up your tank, only to find cheaper gas a mile down the road. You don’t need to worry about that anymore. Fuelbook is a free app that compares fuel prices from over 7,000 gas stations. You’ll be able to tell exactly where the cheapest gas is, with or without discounts. It also uses GPS to help you find roadside assistance and repair shops close by no matter where you are.


Like most jobs, trucking involves a lot of paperwork. Paper is so last century though, and apps like Transflo Mobile are much more efficient. It lets you scan documents, get paid, capture signatures, file claims, and much more. Transflo allows you to do all your managerial work easily within one app.


Most phones come with a GPS navigation aid, like Apple Maps on iPhones or Google Maps on Androids. Waze is better than both. Though not a trucking-specific app, it is still indispensable. Waze crowdsources geographic information so that you can find obscure routes, avoid police traps, and steer clear of traffic. It also helps you find cheap gas with information shared by its millions of users.


There are also all-inclusive apps. Many of these contain many of the features listed above, along with much more. Rather than switching between apps for individual tasks, these apps allow for everything to be done without ever hitting the home button. Here are some of the best:

Overdrive’s Trucker Tools

This app is like one stop shopping for all things truckers need. It has GPS navigation with maps that include rest stops, restaurants, Walmarts, truck washes, and weigh stations. If you want to know the weather, communicate with your shipper/receiver, or learn tips from other drivers, this app has you covered. There are too many features to even list here. Not to mention that it includes Overdrive magazine.

Trucker Path Pro

Another powerful app with wide-ranging utility, Trucker Path Pro can help with parking, navigation, avoiding weigh stations, finding cheap fuel, and other helpful things. The map gets information from other drivers to fill the map with insider information like niche parking spots and gas stations. It also has a Truck Posting feature that allows shippers and receivers to communicate directly through the app.


Trelp is one of the most innovative, cutting-edge trucking apps available. It’s the only app that includes numerous features that truckers need, all in one place. Unlike other apps, Trelp allows truckers to give shippers and receivers last-mile directions easily. It also crowdsources information to help find obscure parking spots around the pickup and delivery locations which will help tremendously when the ELD devices will be mandatory. The app also helps avoid law enforcement traps and efficiently get alerted about open weigh stations.  Trelp is very user-friendly and is absolutely free.


Hopefully, these apps help you out. This list is by no means exhaustive, of course. If you find an app that works as well as Trelp, TruckSmart, or the other apps on this list, please leave us a comment.

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  • Emi 3 years ago

    For navigation you can use special truck apps. Waze i usefull only for warnings but not for routing. Some of the popular gps navigation apps for truck :

    All can be found on Google Play for Android. iGO is the one i use with the latest maps, works best for Eastern Europe. Copilot and Sygic are also good but mostly for Central and Western Europe.

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