Exclusive Features

Trelp fills in the gaps that were missing up until now.

Last Mile Directions to Shippers / Receivers

Drivers must go to the loading/unloading area, which can be difficult to find. Trelp provides the platform to share last mile directions. Truck drivers as well as shipper and receiver staff is able to share precise last mile directions to reduce wasteful driving.

Untraditional Parking Spots

Trelp allows users to drop pins where there is possible truck parking ANYWHERE on the map. Be it Walmart or any other shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, plaza accessible by a truck OR simply just on the side of the road.

Smart Weigh Station Notification

By using Trelp, truckers get alerted if there is an upcoming weigh station that has been reported “OPEN” by a fellow truck driver. Truckers are also able to update the status of the weigh stations and share whether the weigh station is “OPEN”, “CLOSED”, or “BYPASS”. Trelp also allows you to see the weigh station status history to have a better idea of what to expect!

Law Enforcement - Simply Drop A Pin

Traffic violations are expensive. Any Trelp user can alert other users of law enforcement sightings. Simply by dropping a pin where law enforcement was sighted, all other truckers within the range of 5 miles, will be alerted of the sighting!