Parking Trucks Made Easy

August 08, 2017

Freight transportation is one of the largest industries in the United States, accounting for around 10% of our GDP each year. Yet, recent technological advancements have hardly affected the industry. Driving conditions for truckers have barely improved despite rapid advancements in consumer technology. Drivers face a multitude of logistical issues, such as trucker-shipper/receiver communication, route navigation, and parking. It’s 2017; shouldn’t truckers be able to find somewhere to park easily? Well, now they can.

I’m a recently licensed truck driver. I just got my CDL, and it turns out there’s a lot more to truck driving than I thought. I’m just getting used to driving down long stretches of road with nothing but pavement in sight. It’s also difficult to handle the stress of time management, the possibility of inclement weather, and of course, traffic. But my biggest challenge in driving my truck so far has been finding parking. Who would have thought?

I didn’t realize the gravity of the parking problem until my very first trip. I was driving on I-5 in California in my yellow Cascadia flatbed, with a full load of onions in tow. This was cow town; I found myself surrounded by miles of hills and valleys in every direction. My logbook was approaching 11 hours of driving and I needed a place to stop for the night. I looked for somewhere to park my truck on my GPS, and later confirmed on an app called Trucker Path (suggested to me by a fellow truck driver) that there were “Some Spots” nearby. I pulled in a TA in Buttonwillow, but the lot was completely full.

Frustrated and tired, I was at a complete loss on what to do. The closest parking marked on my GPS was over a hundred miles away. I did not have the energy nor the log book time to drive there. There was no choice but to improvise. Consequently, I pulled out of the truck stop and searched for parking close by in the neighborhood. I fortunately found a spot to park by some commercial building about half of a mile down the road.

Soon I learned I was not the only one who’d been in this position. This is a common problem in the industry. My very first trip corroborated the feedback we had received from truck drivers- truck parking is a huge issue. There are not enough lots to fit all of the trucks that need to park. At best, this causes truck drivers to waste valuable sleep time searching for parking outside designated zones. At worst, it forces drivers to park illegally and risk fines.

Finding parking has never been easier than with Trelp

Truckers have to find safe, tested spots as they go. Trelp makes that easy. With this app, you are able to simply drop a pin anywhere on the map and it will save a spot for the whole Trelp community to see. So, wherever you need to stop, whether you’re on an Interstate or a US highway or some random street – just look for a pin. No app has ever made truck parking this straightforward. With all of the truck drivers using Trelp, hundreds of new parking spots appear on the map every day. Usable spots have never been simpler to find. Trelp makes what used to be a big problem no more than a minor inconvenience.

Trelp is available for Android. You can download it here.


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