Our Testimonials

Safe and professional truck driving is not just a skill. It's an attitude.


I was one of the very first users of Trelp. Even though their database did not have a lot of untraditional parking locations at that time, I saw the long term benefit and started sharing as much as I could. I can now see that the parking spots are appearing all over the map and I can now benefit from other drivers sharing.

Adrian C.

Trelp has already saved me from a speeding violation! Someone dropped a pin that there was police head of me and I slowed down. About 2 miles away there was a trooper checking everyone's speed. Definitely saved by butt

Roger B.

I've been very concerned about where everything is going to go after the electronic logging device is implemented. I think that this app will help a lot of folks. Just the other night, I was nearing my driving limit. The next parking facility was about 180 miles away. If I were on the electronic logging device, I would have received a violation. I was able to find a parking spot for one truck on this app. I wouldn't have been able to find this spot in the dark. I find Trelp very useful. Keep up the good work!

Lou H from Oklahoma