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What Is Trelp?

September 05, 2017

Trelp is a mobile app that assists truckers across the United States in ways that no others do. It solves problems within the industry that truckers face, including navigation, finding gas stations, and avoiding police. Trelp offers unique solutions to two important issues concerning truckers: parking and directions.

Park More Places

It’s common knowledge that trucks are harder to park than other vehicles. Near many Shipper and Receiver locations, there is often not formal parking within 20-30 minutes away. However, there is usually some commercial street or small area where a truck can stay for at least two hours at minimum. There used to be no way to find where these places are.

Trelp changed that. It allows users to simply drop a pin on the map to alert other truckers where there is a suitable parking spot. There are hundreds of hidden spots all over California that are only visible on this app. These spots are incredibly useful for short and long waits.

Parking is already difficult and will continue to get harder thanks to the recent ELD mandate. With Trelp, you’ll be better prepared to find somewhere to stop on short notice.

Find Better Directions

Truckers often need special directions in order to do their jobs easily. GPS apps normally give the street entrance of a store, but truckers routinely use a different entrance than the one listed. This can cause unnecessary delays. Imagine going to drop a load off at Costco only to find that you are over a mile away from the unloading area. It wastes time and gas.

Trelp solves this problem by allowing drivers to draw a path for others to see. That way, truckers going to the same client can use the routes provided by other users to get to their final destination easily. Trelp also allows drivers to upload pictures of the routes to make landmarks easier to spot. It also allows people to leave comments. These allow for truckers to expedite what is normally an irksome task.

Other Trelp Features

Besides parking and navigation, this app helps truckers in a number of other ways. For instance, it allows users to crowdsource information about law enforcement stops so that others don’t get caught. Furthermore, it has a map full of gas stations, rest stops, and weigh stations. If users have reported that a weigh station is open, you can even get notified before you pass it.

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